Free IMVU credits generator

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How to Get Free Credits for IMVU

  1. Click on the “Free Credits” link
  2. You will be prompted to enter in your Email and your IMVU User ID
  3. Press the submit button
  4. Complete the human verification step
  5. Check your email for our 100% secure IMVU credits generator link
  6. Access the credits generator securely
  7. Generate as many IMVU credits as you wish 24/7

Free IMVU credits generator

Free imvu credits generator

1) IMVU – What’s the hype all about?
The internet is a place of unimaginable and endless possibilities, especially when it comes to games. Just when you thought virtual reality and online games were the most happening thing, yet another form called life simulation games evolve in a virtual space called the ‘Metaverse’. IMVU combines social media and gaming into one for the virtual generation.

IMVU is an online social entertainment website where you can create your own internet avatar in 3D, meet other people, chat with them, play games and do much more. This website was launched in 2004 and has millions of users worldwide. It is an alternate world out there that you can immerse yourself into and live up your fantasy.

Play the game
To play the IMVU game, you first need to login to the IMVU website. You will then be prompted to register yourself and create an account. As part of the registration, you will download the software that lets you play the game on your computer.

Once the registration is complete you will be taken to the home page where all the fun begins. You will see your avatar and you can choose how to dress yourself up with the options provided. You can then access chat rooms, meet your friends, make new friends and even build your own house.

Up until the registration and the initial few steps where you create your avatar with the default options, everything is free. You also get a starter joining bonus of 1000 credits that you can use to buy from the online catalog. But once, that is used up, you can either
Earn credits or
Buy credits
Earning credits takes time and you will have to complete certain tasks or complete offers and surveys from sponsors. When you buy credits, you will need real money, but the credits are instantly added to your account and you can choose how much you want to add too.

3) IMVU on the go for your Android and iOS phones
With everything from socializing to buying things online being available on the go, on your smartphones, the IMVU game too had to obviously go mobile.Now you don’t have to stay glued to your computer screens, as you can download the IMVU app on either your Android or iOS phones. Simply go to the appstore or the googleplay store and download them. You can do much more on IMVU mobile as it comes with a lot of features. Here are some things that you can do on your smart devices

  • Create and customize your avatar
  • Chat in 3D mode, no more boring texting and audio chats
  • Use WithMoji’s to express yourself better
  • Post and share photos

Free imvu credits generator

4) How do I make friends and use the chat rooms?
You can make a lot of friends online when you are on IMVU. Here is how.

  • Friends of friends – The easiest way is to ask your friend to add their friends
  • Chat room – You can also go to random chat rooms and start a conversation with other people. This will let you make new friends.
  • Strangers – You can also start conversations with strangers and who knows you might make a great new friend
  • Forums – In IMVU you can either become part of the official forums or IMVU forums where you can discuss everything under the sun with other members. When you post often and participate in discussions you can make new friends
  • IMVU groups – You can also find many IMVU groups that are formed by people with similar interests. These groups let you interact and share ideas and will also open you up to other groups where you may be added by members. With groups for every hobby and interest, you are sure to find one that suits you and increase the number of friends.

Chat rooms
Unlike traditional chat rooms that only have texting, audio and video, in IMVU the chat rooms allow you to interact with others in a typical room setup. You can create your own room with stylish furniture, play your favourite music and even throw parties to your friends.

5) What are Credits in the IMVU game?
Credits in IMVU is what money in the real world is. You can buy almost everything in IMVU with credits. From virtual clothes to shoes to sunglasses and furniture, you need the IMVU currency which is called as credits.

When you first register yourself and start playing, you get 1000 bonus credits that you can use to buy anything you want from the shop. You can also earn credits by completing certain tasks. For e.g. you can spend time with a pet and in turn earn credits or you can chat for a few days which in turn will earn you some credits. You can also earn credits by completing surveys by sponsors.

Credits versus Predits
In addition to credits, you also have what are called Predits. A predit is nothing but a promotional credit that can also be used in the same way as credits to buy things from the Virtual goods catalog. But predits have some limitations and cannot be used everywhere. For e.g, they cannot be transferred from one person to another or be used to buy things like gifts for your friend, music from the music store etc.

Whether it is credits or predits, everything takes time and patience to accumulate enough credits to be able to buy all the things that your heart desires. To make things worse, you will be able to see other cool avatars and their accessories, rooms and cars that will only add to your frustration.

Having no or limited credits is as good as not having money in the real world. There is not much you can do but wait till you make enough credits to start living your life again.

6) What can you buy with credits?
You can do everything you want and buy everything you want when you have enough credits in your IMVU account. For some time it is great to use your initial free credits and be happy with what you can buy with them. But when you see other cool avatars and great rooms, it is tough to stay contented.

Credits can be used to buy goods from the virtual catalog. This catalogue has more than a whopping six million items most of which were developed by IMVU members like you. Some cool and popular items to buy are clothes, scarves, 3D and 2D stickers. There are also brilliant animations, jewelry, cars and many other items that you buy and create your own unique personality in the IMVU world.

Whether you are playing a game or find yourself entering a chat room, what defines you is how you are dressed up. If you want people to notice you, it is important to create your avatar to stand out from the crowd. And to stand out from the crowd you will need to buy your clothes and accessories from the online shop.

7) Unlimited credits is now a reality!
In a way, all online games are the same. They are designed to get the gamer hooked to it and as the game progresses it becomes difficult. Once it becomes difficult, you are forced to buy the credits for real money. Then you are torn between the addiction for the game and the guilt caused when you spend a good amount of money buying credits.

This is where we stand apart from the game developers. While game developers design interesting games, they also need to make their revenue.Hack developers like us want to remove the frustration out of gaming and do not need your money. You can find many Hacks online claiming to generate credits for free and for an unlimited period of time. Most of the time these are simply malware and viruses disguised as harmless Cheats.

There are also those who simply want their website to get traffic and use the popularity of the IMVU game to their advantage. As an avid IMVU gamer, you don’t have to sort through the zillion tools and hacks out there that either don’t work or work only for a short period of time. You can come to the right place, as we have the best online credits generator that you can use to add unlimited numbers of credits to your IMVU account. Here is how you can get your hands on the generator and become popular in the IMVU world.

In a very few steps and in a matter of minutes you will be on your way to unlimited IMVU credits with our online generator. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

  1. Logon to our website
  2. Type in you avatar’s name
  3. Select the amount of credits you need and click generate
  4. The credits are automatically and instantly added to your account

What makes our tool stand out from the crowd are the following features

  • Absolutely free and always will be – You don’t have to pay any money to be able to use our tool. There is also no limit to the number of times that you can use our tool.
  • 100% safe as it is free of viruses – As there is nothing to be downloaded, your devices will be safe from viruses
  • No download required – As the tool is fully online, you don’t need any extra space on your device to use the tool
  • Compatible with any operating system – Just as the game is compatible with all operating systems, we have made sure that the tool too is compatible with all operating systems
  • Undetectable – The script has been programmed to be undetectable so that any ban of accounts by the game developers is not possible
  • Completed tested to be snag-free–To make sure that you are able to use the tool whenever you want, we have tested it for bugs
  • Updated daily–To ensure that the tool works properly every single time, it is updated with bug fixes on a daily basis
  • Created by professional programmers–The tool is designed with gamers in minds and by professional programmers who take every technical aspect into account. So you only have the best tool and won’t ever need to look for another one online.
  • Secure 256 SSL – encryption

8) Don’t take our word for it, users of our tool will tell you how good it is.
Even if you are a gamer who does not like to use a cheat, when you see your friends and other winning, you would at least be tempted to find a tip or two online. While tips utilize the loopholes in the games to give you an edge over the others, they cannot get you going for long. There are also many online codes which you can use to dress up your avatar differently or make some funky gestures or moves. But they can only get you to do that much.

The most important part of your IMVU are the credits and you know just how difficult it is to accumulate enough credits to progress to higher levels. Many IMVU users have found our tool after wasting time on many other tools and finding out that half of them don’t even work. Everyone who has used it love it as there is no limit to the number of credits earned unlike other tools there is no malware that will affect your device.

How To Change Your Name In IMVU
If you wish to change your IMVU avatar name you would need name change tokens. Make sure that you have not changed your name any time in the last 7 days. Proceed then to purchase name change tokens which are available for real currency. Did you know you can get free credits in IMVU?Buying name change tokens:

  • Go to the IMVU store on this page:
  • You would find name change tokens on the list and proceed to buy. Another way is to directly try to change your account name where you would be redirected to the name change token purchase page if you do not have any in your credit.

Free imvu credits generator

Checking your balance:
Nam change tokens can be bought in bulk and used for future name changes. If you click on Change Avatar Name option on the Accounts page you would be able to view the number of tokens you have in your account.

Changing the name:

  • Once you have your name change tokens, login to your account
  • Proceed to the Accounts page:
  • On the right you would be able to find Change Avatar Name.
  • Clicking on that would take you to a page where you enter the password
  • You can then key in the new name you want to set. Be careful in spelling it right.

Once the name change is done you would be notified by being taken to the confirmation page.

How To Delete An Account In IMVU
The world of IMVU has a lot to offer. Ever since it was introduced it has continued to remain a great source of entertainment. But what if at some point, due to some reason you want to put an end to it? Would you be able to delete your account permanently from the database? The answer is yes! As with the flexibility to create your profile you also have the flexibility to remove your account at your convenience. Also, be sure to visit the updated IMVU working hack.If you are wondering how to delete your IMVU account here is the procedure:

  1. Open the IMVU website from your browser and login to your account. You can use your avatar name and login password as you usually do.
  2. Proceed then to the Delete Account page which you would be able to find her:
  3. To delete your account you would have to validate your account by entering your password.
  4. Enter the login password of your account and click on Continue.
  5. That’s it. You would receive a prompt that the account of the corresponding avatar name has been deleted. The following message pops up- “You have successfully deleted your account. A confirmation email has been sent. Thanks for trying IMVU”

Permanently delete IMVU account:
The above steps are not enough to permanently delete your account. Remember that when you follow the instructions that come after this you would totally lose all your account data and your account would forever be removed. You would not be able to restore your account in any way.

  1. Check your inbox to look for the account deletion confirmation email.
  2. If in the worst case scenario you had deleted your account or if you have changed your mind, now is the last chance. The confirmation email would also contain a link to restore your account. Click on the corresponding link and “Re-enable Account” option would save your account.
  3. If you do not wish to go back you can simply delete the confirmation email leaving the restore account option untouched.
  4. One last step that you should be taking to ensure that your account cannot be restored from any other sources is to check your email and social media profiles. If you have logged in with any of these you would have to proceed to the corresponding account management page and then revoke the rights and remove the app from the permissions list.

This is how you totally wipe off your account information from IMVU.

How To Get Free Badges In IMVU
What better way to express yourself in IMVU than with badges. There are lots of ways to get badges you love. You can also give badges to your friends. For those that love creating badges these can be given to several friends. The cost of each badge would vary. 1×1 tile badges are the most common ones. These are also the cheapest. Larger the badge the more expensive it would be. You can create badges as large as 5×5 tile size. Here’s a good method of earning free IMVU credits as well.

You might often find badges that you like. You can get them if the connection prefers to give it to you. Here are the ways in which you can get free badges in IMVU:

  1. You would have to first look for the badges that you like. For this when you come across various profiles look for an avatar that carries one of the badges that you like.
  2. For any avatar, the badges owned would be displayed on the profile card. The information displayed on the profile card depends on the privacy settings chosen by the particular Avatar.
  3. Once you open the profile card look at the bottom of the card. This would be the area where all the badges are displayed. These might include the ones that were created by the avatar as well as the ones that were acquired and purchased.
  4. From the profile card proceed directly to the profile page of the avatar. This would take you to the avatar’s home page.
  5. You would find a list of badges displayed on the home page. A maximum of 10 badges are allowed to be placed on the home page. Avatars can choose to display lower than that. They can choose which badges have to be visible.
  6. Sometimes the avatar profile card that you find carrying the badge you love might not have the same badge displayed on the home page. This would not help you.
  7. You would have to go back and hunt for avatars that have your favorite badge displayed on their home page. This would take some time depending on the badge you choose and the number of profiles that have them on their homepage.
  8. Finally when you stumble upon an avatar that has the badge displayed on the homepage click on the badge. This would be the space next to the avatar’s profile picture. Click on the badge to view an expanded image.
  9. Click on the expanded image. This would help you proceed to the information page of that particular badge.
  10. Once you are on the information page look for the name of the badge. This information would be furnished below Search Catalog option. You would also find the Product By tab next to it. Copy the name of the badge. You would be using it in the next step.
  11. You should then proceed to the avatar page of the one who had created that particular badge. Key in the following in your browser’s address bar:[badge name]

In the above line paste the name of the badge that you had copied in the previous step.

IMVU Cache Cleaner
Cache memory on your computer always gets filled up and this would significantly slow down the performance of the computer. IMVU 3D chat world has a lot of stuff to explore and purchase. As you keep expanding your world in IMVU data gets accumulated. You would be able to create your own characters that are called avatars. The avatars can be customized. You can chat with players from all over the world. You would be able to create badges share them and buy more. You can do a lot more with IMVU’s online credit generator.Why do you need a cache cleaner?
All that you do would only lead to increase in the cache content. If you have a PC with a very high configuration you would not find much issues. But if you have an average computer then you might find it difficult with the cache continuously growing. This would lengthen the loading times for IMVU as well as for other third party applications. Some might be skeptical as it is just a cache folder and deleting the files in it could be done directly. But remember that if you directly try cleaning up the folder it might take longer. You would first have to hunt for the location of the cache folder of IMVU in your PC.What does the IMVU cache cleaner do?
As the name indicates it is a tool that helps clean the cache memory. This is a simple tool that would help IMVU users to easily clean the game cache folder and free ups space. On freeing up the cache you would be able to find that IMVU loads faster. This would come in handy especially when you plan to play the games. As IMVU is fully internet based you would often find the loading times to be longer when your cache memory is full.How to use IMVU cache cleaner?
Look for the IMVU cache cleaner download link for Windows. It is a lightweight software that would not take up too much space on your computer. The tool comes with a light and easy to use interface. Before you use the tool make sure that you exit IMVU. Logout and close your browser to ensure that you do not lose any game data. Double click on the tool icon to run the tool. You would find a button to clean the cache. This would instantly clear up all the temporary files. This happens in a jiffy and you would be notified once the cache is clear. You can then login and start using IMVU again.
IMVU Coupon Codes 
The IMVU universe is vast. There is so much entertainment and you would only be making things even better by purchasing all the right stuff. But not all of them are cheap. The price should not discourage you however. You would be able to find numerous ways to obtain coupon codes and discounts so that you can save a little in every purchase you make. Be sure to consider a working IMVU credit hack as well.Why do you need promo codes?

  • People all over the world are joining IMVU. With the ever increasing crowd it is getting tougher out there.
  • You have the options to play a lot of games and chat with strangers from across the world. To do a lot of tasks you might need to make purchases. These help open up more channels for you to proceed unstoppably and to play better games.
  • There are thousands of items you can buy from the store. You would be able to find online resources that offer several of these items for free. But if you are skeptical about purchasing outside you can always look for coupon codes instead. These allow you to make purchases directly from the store where you can enter the coupon code to get discounts.

Ways to obtain credits:
Some of the most preferred ways to obtain credits are directly through the site itself:

  • By promptly verifying your email id you would first be given few credits in your account
  • You can obtain credits by watching videos

Getting coupon codes:

  • The above methods are to directly get credits in your account.  But you can also obtain coupon codes from several of the online resources. These allow you to purchase credits of your choice at discounted price. There would be temporary codes that work for a certain period. If you use the code within the validity date you would be able to avail the attached offers. Keep checking the forums for leads on online sources that offer you coupon codes periodically. You could even signup to receive the codes in your inbox.
  • One other popular way in which people get coupon codes is by joining groups. The rules would differ from one group to another. Some groups offer free coupon codes on joining them. Some groups also conduct contests. Winners of the contest are then awarded credits or coupon codes for use in the future.

Free imvu credits generator

Besides the above methods you would also be able to find credit generators to directly generate credits.

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